Zoom Comicspresents Amazing Agent Luna

Amazing Agent Luna is the story of Luna, the perfect secret agent. A girl grown in a lab from the finest genetic material, she has been trained since her birth fifteen years ago to be the U.S. government’s ultimate espionage weapon. But now she is given an assignment that will test her abilities to the utmost—high school.

In order to uncover an evil plot, the government sends Luna to a prominent high school to pose as a student. Luna’s training has left her completely unprepared to handle the stresses and strains of ordinary teenage relationships—making friends, creating rivals, and having her first big crush on bad boy Jonah, the son of her arch-nemesis, Count Von Brucken! Making matters worse, Luna’s fake father is the overly warm-and-fuzzy Dr. Andy and her socalled mother is the always businesslike, unemotional “Control.”

Begun in 2004 and currently 8 volumes and counting, Amazing Agent Luna is Seven Seas Entertainment's longest-running original manga series. The series has also been collected into three omnibus editions and spawned a two-volume prelude series entitled Amazing Agent Jennifer, which explores the origins of the Luna Project through the eyes of Luna's control agent, Jennifer Kajiwara. Amazing Agent Luna is presented in full page, black & white "manga" format that reads right-to-left (Japanese style).

Seven Seas

Amazing Agent Luna © 2004-2012 Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC and Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir.